Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Read It And Weep 9

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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


Benefit cap 'will encourage people to work'

Benefits cap trial defended by minister
New blitz on benefit cheats: Worst offenders will lose payouts for up to THREE years

Welfare Cuts 'Will Widen North-South Divide'

PCS Union opposes conditionality and sanctions targets

PCS opposes conditionality and sanctions targets
Homebase criticised over work experience claims
TUC analysis highlights reality of unemployment in north east and Cumbria

KARL MCCARTNEY: We are on the side of people who work hard in this country

Government blackmails unemployed into making hopeless job applications

East Ham Labour MP Stephen Timms on why Newham are having another jobs fair
Barclaycard offer Work Pairings programme

Sheffield’s jobless shooting for success at A4e job fair

Need your grass cut? Contact Dervock Community Association

Back to Work scheme praised by new Hotel Cristina employee
Welfare reforms could lead to large increase in Mansfield rent arrears

Duncan Smith defiant as disabled benefit changes bite
More than 30 find work with logistics firm
Employment Consultant - Recruitment Consultant, Work Programme, Welfar

Disputing a decision - Universal Credit, PIP, contributory ESA, contribution-based JSA (CAB)

Children Living in Poverty Are Facing a Perfect Storm

Liars of the Left - Angry IDS shreds Labour ‘dishonesty’ over welfare

The Welfare Mission

Labour outlines plan to tie benefits to contribution 
Harriet Harman: people feel 'resentful' of benefit claimants 'not pulling their weight'

Working parents exasperated over large families on benefits, says Harman
Simon Danczuk MP: 'We can’t ignore the tragedy of people’s potential going to waste'

George Osborne: I'm in tune with country on welfare
Troubled families: 'You need to do something bad before you get support'

Labour reconsiders welfare position

Vulnerable Work Programme customers need greater protection, finds new report (CESI)

Work Programme in London (LVSC)

Work Programme evaluation released
Crazy situation where you earn more on benefits than you do at work ends NOW

'Welfare reforms are evil,' warns Welsh charity boss 
Giving the game away 
Why Conservative benefit cuts won't get Britain working

Powers target the ‘cynical minority’

Peering into the black box: innovation and the Work Programme

Work Programme Customer Service Advisor

What about A4e?
George Osborne sparks benefits storm over Mick Philpott Derby house fire
Don't get mad about the Mail's use of the Philpotts to tarnish the poor – get even

Who cares?

A4e helped me get my life back 


Universal Credit


Working universal credit recipients may be forced to move job to work more hours 
Universal credit free prescription trial downsized
New universal credit system presents the challenge of budgeting
Universal Credit's ‘digital by default’ ditched

Mobile rent payments could help landlords curb arrears under Universal Credit

DWP hires Olympics construction director to head up Universal Credit

Universal Credit test launch delayed

Universal Credit award

CLG Select Committee express concern over Universal Credit scheme

Response to CLG Committee report on Universal Credit
Government pledges £400k universal credit IT cash 
MPs concerned about Universal Credit fraud risk

Universal Credit – An Overview 

Britain's New Tax Reporting System Draws Criticism
Benefits reform trial defended

DWP continues to scope Universal Credit budgeting product

Universal credit
What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit Pathfinders delayed

Tax changes to wipe out Christmas bonuses 
Universal Credit: Hardly universal, and no credit to anybody

Will Universal Credit be a change for the better? Editor's Eye comment
Universal Credit


Universal Jobmatch


Are Cookies Strictly Necessary For User On Universal Jobmatch (FOIR)

Request To The Information Commissioner's Office, Regarding Universal Jobmatch Privacy Issues (FOIR)

Universal Jobmatch and the 35 hour per week 35 hours per week undertaking Work Search and Preparation? (FOIR)

The experiences of one jobseeker in using Universal Jobmatch – a worrying sign for Universal Credit?

Universal Jobmatch registration requirement at Ashton-under-Lyne (FOIR)