Wednesday, 29 August 2012

With Tragic Consequences For The Sufferer And For Society

June 2011

Perspectives on depression, gender and crime: Depression sometimes masked, missed and misunderstood

"This article offers both a literature review, and perspectives on the definition and nature of depressive illness, its various modes of presentation, and its significance in male, female and adolescent populations.

It provides a brief review of some of the ideas about the aetiology of depression, outlines how to recognize it and discusses its relevance to forensic populations.

Finally it suggests how early detection of depression and, consequently, more adequate access to treatment intervention, can be facilitated.

Unfortunately, the presence of depression is sometimes overlooked and therefore missed (particularly in males) sometimes with tragic consequences for the sufferer and for society."

Sarah Hodgkinson and Herschel Prins, University of Leicester
Probation Journal, June 2011, (58)2, p. 137-154


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