Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Scapegoats Required

"Members of disliked minority groups are often stereotyped as representing a danger to the majority's most vulnerable members. For example, Jews in the Middle Ages were accused of murdering Christian babies in ritual sacrifices. Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women. In a similar fashion, gay people have often been portrayed as a threat to children."

Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation


Wise Words

Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.”



Sunday, 29 July 2012

But, Not A Lot


"Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life. As Hans Selye (who coined the term as it is currently used) noted, "Without stress, there would be no life". However, just as distress can cause disease, it seems plausible that there are good stresses that promote wellness. Stress is not always necessarily harmful. Winning a race or election can be just stressful as losing, or more so, but may trigger very different biological responses. Increased stress results in increased productivity -- up to a point. However, this level differs for each of us. It's very much like the stress on a violin string. Not enough produces a dull, raspy sound. Too much tension makes a shrill, annoying noise or snaps the string. However, just the right degree can create a magnificent tone. Similarly, we all need to find the proper level of stress that allows us to perform optimally and make melodious music as we go through life."


"Like a thief in the night, work stress robs millions of workers of their health and happiness, then goes scot-free while the blame lies elsewhere."

Veninga, R. L. and Spradley, J. P. (1993) The Work-stress Connection: How to Cope with Job Burnout, Boston: Little, Brown and Company



The Black Dog


"Pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it, and it kills in many instances because it cannot be borne."

Darkness Visible, William Styron, 1991, Picador, London

"Normal Sadness is to depression what normal growth is to cancer."

Malignant Sadness – The Anatomy of Depression, Lewis Wolpert, 2001, Faber and Faber

"Depression is a word ... “That has slithered through the language like a slug, leaving little trace of its intrinsic malevolence and preventing by its very insipidity, a general awareness of the horrible intensity of the disease out of control.”"

Darkness Visible, William Styron, 1991, Picador, London

"I've been to hell, young man ... you've only read about it."

Marquis de Sade to Abbe de Coulmier, Quills



Why Am I Here?

On Anger ...

"... anger is the common substitute for logic among those who have no evidence for what they desperately want to believe."

Isacc Asimov, The Tyrannosaurus Prescription

Faith & Reason: The wisdom of the streets will fail us on child sex abuse

"Treating paedophiles as we did witches in medieval times is not just bad theology - it is also the strategy least likely to produce change

"There was something in the eyes of the people interviewed in the street where a 73-year-old man was battered to death in Redcar at the weekend. The man was a paedophile who had been jailed for a year for indecent assault in 2001. Police investigators were shocked at the "wall of silence" which met their request for help. But those looks said more even than the silence, looks of indignant satisfaction, half-smiles of gleeful vindication."

 Paul Vallely, The Independent, 6 December 2003

'That's one less on the streets'


Man charged with murder of paedophile


Life for killer of peadophile [sic]


- so, how far have we come, in nearly ten years? (more to the point, what has the establishment done to reduce or stop it?):

Greens protesters to bring town to a halt every week


Get Robert Greens out Midlothian


Robert Greens – Brutal rapist in Midlothian


BNP chief’s terror in clash with protesters



That is why.


Better Get Some Structure

The postings on this blog will be under (at least) five themes:

>Activity, i.e. comments on blogs, communications to the authorities etc.

>General News stories, research etc, that interest me and/or are relevant to the blog,

>Work exposing some of the most Dangerous people, of all, to freedom, safety and society,

>Extracts from the Old 'Mad, Bad Or Sad' site (and subsequent sites), with updates, where relevant,

>A meandering set of 'stream of consciousness' posts, based on 'Chapters'.

There will, no doubt, be overlaps.

Where useful, I will be linking to Wayback, until I need to access my archived materials.



Due to other commitments, I cannot promise any guaranteed frequency of posting. It will happen when it does.

I can guarantee honesty, evidenced-based facts and educated interpretations.

Comments are always welcome, but they will be moderated.


So It Continues

During the middle of Summer, 2002, I was taking digital pictures, quite innocently, in a public place, but, even I have to admit, a part of it appeared to be far from 'innocent'; this led to 'arrest'.

Ultimately, I was far from innocent, when it came to the contents of one of my computer's hard drive.

During the past decade, I have devoted much of my time, to exploring the issues, related to my offence and further afield. I had considered (and have the facilities for) a full CMS website, but, for now, this medium will do nicely; transfer is always possible, later.

This blog is the retrospective and continuing story, of the consequences of The Eventful Day, what preceded it, imprisonment and the return to society.


Enjoy the ride, where you can.