Sunday, 29 July 2012

But, Not A Lot


"Stress is an unavoidable consequence of life. As Hans Selye (who coined the term as it is currently used) noted, "Without stress, there would be no life". However, just as distress can cause disease, it seems plausible that there are good stresses that promote wellness. Stress is not always necessarily harmful. Winning a race or election can be just stressful as losing, or more so, but may trigger very different biological responses. Increased stress results in increased productivity -- up to a point. However, this level differs for each of us. It's very much like the stress on a violin string. Not enough produces a dull, raspy sound. Too much tension makes a shrill, annoying noise or snaps the string. However, just the right degree can create a magnificent tone. Similarly, we all need to find the proper level of stress that allows us to perform optimally and make melodious music as we go through life."


"Like a thief in the night, work stress robs millions of workers of their health and happiness, then goes scot-free while the blame lies elsewhere."

Veninga, R. L. and Spradley, J. P. (1993) The Work-stress Connection: How to Cope with Job Burnout, Boston: Little, Brown and Company



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