Sunday, 29 July 2012

Why Am I Here?

On Anger ...

"... anger is the common substitute for logic among those who have no evidence for what they desperately want to believe."

Isacc Asimov, The Tyrannosaurus Prescription

Faith & Reason: The wisdom of the streets will fail us on child sex abuse

"Treating paedophiles as we did witches in medieval times is not just bad theology - it is also the strategy least likely to produce change

"There was something in the eyes of the people interviewed in the street where a 73-year-old man was battered to death in Redcar at the weekend. The man was a paedophile who had been jailed for a year for indecent assault in 2001. Police investigators were shocked at the "wall of silence" which met their request for help. But those looks said more even than the silence, looks of indignant satisfaction, half-smiles of gleeful vindication."

 Paul Vallely, The Independent, 6 December 2003

'That's one less on the streets'

Man charged with murder of paedophile

Life for killer of peadophile [sic]

- so, how far have we come, in nearly ten years? (more to the point, what has the establishment done to reduce or stop it?):

Greens protesters to bring town to a halt every week

Get Robert Greens out Midlothian

Robert Greens – Brutal rapist in Midlothian

BNP chief’s terror in clash with protesters


That is why.


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