Sunday, 29 July 2012

So It Continues

During the middle of Summer, 2002, I was taking digital pictures, quite innocently, in a public place, but, even I have to admit, a part of it appeared to be far from 'innocent'; this led to 'arrest'.

Ultimately, I was far from innocent, when it came to the contents of one of my computer's hard drive.

During the past decade, I have devoted much of my time, to exploring the issues, related to my offence and further afield. I had considered (and have the facilities for) a full CMS website, but, for now, this medium will do nicely; transfer is always possible, later.

This blog is the retrospective and continuing story, of the consequences of The Eventful Day, what preceded it, imprisonment and the return to society.


Enjoy the ride, where you can.


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