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Read It And Weep 8

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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


‘Food stamps’ to be issued in Britain next week to tens of thousands of vulnerable people as part of benefits shake-up (DM)

A portrait of desperate Britain: 4,000 job seekers queue for chance of employment at new shopping centre (DM)

Area Leader in A4E Ltd
Sanctions - shocking story

Who cares?

Jobcentre boss denies use of targets for applying sanctions to jobseekers (Guardian)

Targets - what about the Work Programme?

Labour demands action over jobcentre targets (Guardian)
Provider ends contract due to ‘unsustainable Work Programme’

Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Workfare Bill

The work programme: experience of different user groups: UNCORRECTED TRANSCRIPT OF ORAL EVIDENCE

Inside Prospects: Work Programme (London)
The Does It Work? Programme
Work Programme

Only 60 per cent of voluntary sector providers 'intend to stay in the Work Programme'
Budget 2013: Hidden agenda to cut Social Security Welfare further

A GOVERNMENT work programme called Ingeus has been helping Bankies get a successful 'response' on the job market

A4e coach Suzanne Green wins top award

Sturgeon: we'll kick out the bedroom tax in an independent Scotland
Landlord to end work programme contract

More from the Guardian on targets for sanctions

Jobcentre was set targets for benefit sanctions (Guardian)

Government admits Jobcentres set targets to take away benefits (Guardian)

Iain Duncan Smith denies jobcentres have targets for sanctioning benefits (Guardian)

Work Programme: Report highlights problems (BBC)
Second Work Programme evaluation report: Commissioning and supply chain management

Work Programme Evaluation: Procurement, supply chains and implementation of the commissioning model (CESI/DWP)

RR 832 Work Programme Evaluation: Procurement, supply chains and implementation of the commissioning model (DWP)

Work Programme Evaluation: March 2013
Five things the government won’t tell you about Workfare

Work Programme – Not Working

The Work Programme isn't working
G4S: Some subcontractors on Work Programme not delivering

Lessons from the Work Programme in the reform of rehabilitation services

Work programme fails young people

Work Programme
Work Programme target levels “too ambitious”, says select committee

Charities focus on failings of Work Programme (HS)
Workfare profiteers A4e and Ingeus targeted 

Work Programme

Thank God for the bishops 

Work Programme 'depends on economy'

Let’s ditch workfare and introduce the Community Allowance instead

Let social landlords run the Work Programme

Guidance Officer - Work Programme

Work Programme – Outcome Statistics (2012) (HMG/DWP)

DWP seeks law change to avoid benefit repayments after Poundland ruling (Independent)

Work programme jobseekers denied compensation for docked benefits
Programme 'failing single parents' (E&S)

Report says Work Programme and job centre fail to deliver for single parents

Where next for back-to-work support? (NS)

Opinion: welfare reform and the effect on lone workers
JHP Employability – workfare pimps
Welfare reform 'black hole' appears outside fish shop
Derbyshire welfare-to-work trial rejected by 60 on benefits (BBC)
Byrne, L - Work Programme sanctions
What is Work Experience?

Boycott Workfare

Final evidence session on the Work Programme (CSC)

Access to Work Programme
Work Programme
Welsh Affairs Committee - Citizens Advice Cymru; Oxfam Cymru - The Work Programme in Wales

The Work Programme in Wales
Work Programme
Work and Pensions Committee - Business Disability Forum; de Poel; Timpson; TfL - Work Programme

Pearson - Work Programme
Council work experience scheme goes from strength to strength (WSCT)

PRESS RELEASE - Paralympian Helen Arbuthnot motivates jobseekers on the Work Programme to find employment

Ex drug users and alcoholics 'can make the best workers' says Iain Duncan Smith (Telegraph)

Barclays recruit 1,000 more apprentices and launch new youth working programm

Apprenticeships are a 'poor relation' to university, working parents tell CIPD

Unemployed Barrow man lands job due to Evening Mail (NWEM)

Bath success for back-to-work scheme (BC)
NFC and Work Program Referral (FOIR)
Work Capability Assessment

Universal Credit test launches in 7 weeks
A brief history of "social housing"


Universal Credit


Landlords to gather for universal credit talk (LDE)

Universal Credit local services support framework paper (CAB)

Legal threat over Universal Credit scheme
Universal Credit not at odds with agile, says former chief
The Free School Lunches and Milk (Universal Credit) (England) Order 2013

The Universal Credit (Consequential, Supplementary, Incidental and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2013
Universal Credit Regulations

Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations (DWP)   

New childcare policy excludes nearly 1m of UK's poorest families (Guardian)
Will rent arrears increase after Universal Credit introduction?

Ministers may increase direct payment exceptions

A New Patient Exemption - Universal Credit

Universal Credits

North West to benefit from Universal Credit
Universal Credit: A 'springboard' into local and better banking
Get ready for Universal Credit

Universal Credit Toolkit - Money Advice Service
Has the Universal Credit scheme already failed?

Universal Credit calculations 'will be done manually with spreadsheets'

Digital drive could take down universal credit
IDA services put on ice for Universal Credit delivery

Universal credit pilots issue digital access warning
Digital Exclusion (Universal Credit)

The vultures circle over Universal Credit IT
Universal credit benefits system 'in meltdown', claims Labour (Guardian)

DWP denies major IT problems with One Dole To Rule Them All system

MP adamant Universal Credit IT suppliers told to down tools

Universal credit: Concerns raised over IT system (BBC)

Universal Credit – computer says no? 

Implementing Universal Credit and supporting service users 
Universal Credit and Online Claims

Universal Credit
The Rent Officers (Universal Credit Functions) Order 2013
Households hammered: 9 in 10 families to be worse off by 2015 by up £2,000 a year (M)

Universal Credit: How will changes in state benefits affect me? (M)
Universal Credit – how it works and criticisms

Are we ready for Universal Credit?
Universal Credit

Universal Credit
Universal Credit: questions remain over implementation
Supplementary Estimates 2012-13 — Department for Work and Pensions — Universal Credit

Welsh Universal Credit trials make good tenants turn bad!

Universal Credit: Oral Answers to Questions — Wales

Plaid MP warns Universal Credit policy won't work for Wales
Universal Credit: tenants could be 'a broken washing machine away from not paying rent'

Universal Credit implementation: meeting the needs of vulnerable claimants

Opinion: is the Universal Credit challenge greater than feared?

Rent arrears soar sevenfold in Universal Credit trial

Landlords prepare for Universal Credit with direct debit switch

Universal Credit demands a new approach to bank accounts
DWP and Treasury in standoff over £145 million Universal Credit fund
London Assembly demands 'urgent review' of Universal Credit over direct payment fears
Universal credit threatens eviction amnesty
Universal Credit director ‘moves on to other work’ after just four months

Another Universal Credit leader stands down
Comment: Universal Credit should provide food for thought (MKC)

Dorset MP's concerns over new credit for poor
Universal Credit
Universal Credit

'Bedroom tax will stop new homes being built'


Universal Jobmatch


FOI Watch: DWP discloses nearly 200 Universal Jobmatch docs/updates
A Deadly Warning From Across the Ocean for Universal Jobmatch
Diary: openings galore on IDS's Universal Jobmatch website, aka the universal dog's breakfast (Independent)
Compulsory use of Universal Jobmatch (FOIR)
DWP internal Universal Jobmatch guidance published
Universal Jobmatch: Your rights
Universal Jobmatch: How to remove DWP account access if given

Universal Jobmatch: Cookies
Equality Impact Assessment for Universal Jobmatch
Universal Jobmatch faqs,(question and answer brief) (FOIR)
Guidance (FOIR)

Privacy Impact Assessment for Universal Jobmatch (FOIR)

Universal Jobmatch Toolkit Chapters 1, 2, 3 and all others (FOIR)
Written question on Universal Job Match

Universal Jobmatch Awareness Training launched in Plymouth for jobseekers

Job seekers in Devonport in Plymouth get helping hand with job-finding training sessions (PH)

Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch Mandatory (but not ‘Blanket’) from 4th March

Universal Job Match site is now mandatory, but not problem free

4 March 2013 – Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch


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