Sunday, 1 September 2013

IAD, No Idea

Update: (28 Aug 2013)

Universal Jobmatch: Your rights

“JSA Work Programme (WP) participants

90. You must not mandate JSA WP participants to create a profile and public CV in Universal Jobmatch.”

Update: (22 Aug 2013) The DWP suggested the only mandatory place a Universal Jobmatch account could be created then used was on a Jobcentre Internet Access Device (IAD/Computer). However the quote below contradicts this outright:

“A3. Claimants will not be mandated to use IADs available in Jobcentre Plus offices and will, therefore, not be sanctioned if they refuse to use them. Use of IADs by claimants is voluntary.”

Note: Clarification is being sort on above, here and here.

Do not tick the boxes below, when you create a Universal Jobmatch account. Use can be made mandatory via a Jobseeker’s Direction ..."


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