Saturday, 22 December 2012

A New Battle Begins


Subject: FAO Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP
Date: 22/12/12

Dear Sir,

Since your organisation (DWP) does not offer 24 hours support (outrageous, in this day and age), and it is not operational (Jobcentre) until 27/12/12, if falls upon you, as the responsible person, to deal with this issue, particularly in the spirit and operation of 'Digital by Default'.

I carried out all the legal requirements, required of me (and more), under my JSAg (12/5/11 - JSA 1995), over the last cycle, and you have failed to pay me my benefit entitlement (on 19/12/12).

No warnings. No communications. No indications of issues raised. Confirmation of the latter, at interview (A4e - 13/12/12).

Please note this official complaint and ensure that my entitlement is paid, directly (with interest and punitive consideration).

I am sure your Christmas will be merry.


Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield


Copy sent to local Jobcentre Plus (24/12/12 - post collection, 28/12/12), for information and action.


Outcome (27/12/12, by telephone, to local JCP)

Not a sanction issue, simply SNAFU - emergency money transfer, within 3 hours.


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