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Work Programme: the experience of different user groups (video)

Meeting started on Wednesday 19 December at 9.40am. Ended at 11.36am

HoC Work and Pensions Committee Wednesday 19 December 2012: Wilson Room


Mr Dave Simmonds, Director, Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion (Inclusion), Ian Mulheirn, Director, Social Market Foundation (SMF), and Professor Roy Sainsbury, Research Director and Professor of Social Policy, University of York


Work Programme: the experience of different user groups (documents)

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13 December 2012

Statement from The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts

Margaret Hodge is "astonished" at the ineffectiveness of the Work Programme

"This first analysis of the Work Programme performance figures shows the extent to which the scheme is failing participants, and particularly the young and the harder-to-help. Against a contractual target of 5.5 per cent, the lowest performing provider did not manage to place a single person in the under 25 category into a job lasting six months. The Work Programme was specifically designed to incentivise providers to assist those furthest from the work place, but the appalling performance for ESA ex-incapacity claimants demonstrates how this experiment simply is not working. Between June 2011 and July 2012, of the some 9,500 ex-incapacity claimants referred to providers, I am astonished that only 20 people have been placed in a job that has lasted three months.

My committee will be taking evidence from the department next week when we shall expect a clear explanation for what action is underway to turn performance around and get the Work Programme working for participants and the taxpayer."

2:43PM GMT 27 Nov 2012

Iain Duncan Smith’s Work Programme 'worse than doing nothing'

"Iain Duncan Smith’s £5 billion scheme for tackling long-term unemployment is worse at helping the jobless find work than doing nothing at all, official results suggest.

Figures for the first year of the Work Programme showed that just two in every 100 people who enrolled in the scheme have been employed for six months or more."

The Work Programme isn’t working (LFF)

Work Programme figures prove Emma Harrison wrong

'Abysmal' A4e awarded another handout

Exclusive: A4e and a £200m back-to-work scandal

A4e CEO Andrew Dutton gives a Year in Review

NAO highlights Work Programme failings

Work Programme charities warn of imminent contract failures

Prime providers starving Work Programme subcontractors of referrals

Charities claim 'better than welfare-to-work industry

A strange kind of success: Work programme pushes ahead despite 3.5% success rate

To what extent are charities involved in the Work Programme?

BIG UK Charities caught feeding at the trough of Government Workfare

The year in management: 2012

Navca calls for review of the Work Programme to stop large contractors 'abusing local charities'

Durham Work Programme

Addaction scheme outdoes the Work Programme by focusing on self-esteem

Work Programme needs to focus on the right skills

Work Programme Increases Hardship and Makes Little Difference to Compliance

MP in blast at job programme

‘Jobs crisis’ wake up call


December 2012

RR 823 Evaluation of Mandatory Work Activity (DWP)

December 2012

RR 824 Evaluation of Support for the Very Long-Term Unemployed Trailblazer (DWP)


Department for Work and Pensions Research Report No 533 (DWP)

"A comparative review of workfare programmes in the United States, Canada and Australia: Richard Crisp and Del Roy Fletcher, (2008)"


Disregarded: The True Story of the Failure of the UK's Work Programme

Which providers have left the Work Programme?



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