Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Mental Health Is Rooted In The Context Of People’s Lives


Mental health in context: the national study of work-search and wellbeing (DWP)

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The findings indicate that CMDs contribute to poorer employment outcomes, because by their nature, they erode beliefs about abilities and optimism about the future. But entering employment can support recovery.

More broadly, the study has shown that mental health is rooted in the context of people’s lives. Poor physical health, low levels of social support, neighbourhood context and adverse life events all play a role in whether or not someone will experience a decline in mental health during a period of unemployment.

However, there is an important distinction for policy-makers to consider between people who arrive on JSA with relatively stable employment histories having developed symptoms of distress as a result of recent life events, and those for whom a mental health condition is one issue among an array of longstanding life adversities."


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