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Read It And Weep 3


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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General



Work Programme: the experience of different user groups - video

Work and Pensions Committee announces forthcoming evidence session on the Work Programme: experience of different user groups

Work and Pensions Committee hearing on Work Programme

Coalition caught out over ‘strivers v skivers’
Campaigners unite to fight housing benefit cuts
Margot James highlights success of Work programme in west midlands
Praise for Steps to Work programme
New career on a plate: Mum returns to jobs market after 25 years at home (Mirror)

1st February 2013: Specimen PIP forms released

Bedroom-tax will hammer single/grand/foster parents, disabled, forces, bereaved

Hundreds of families in Osborne’s own constituency set to lose out with ‘bedroom tax’
‘Bedroom tax’: Solicitor’s call for Holyrood to change Scots law to protect tenants from eviction rebuffed by SNP’s Linda Fabiani
Youth unemployment: review of training for young people with low qualifications (CESI)
Scope responds to Panorama expose on Work Programme
Work Programme providers can’t get paid without your consent – New DWP guidance
Welfare Fraud Is A Drop In The Ocean Compared To Tax Avoidance

Iain Duncan Smith Attacked For 'Poor Parents Spend Money On Alcohol And Drugs' Comments (HP)

Deadly human cost of Ireland’s austerity measures
Increasing mental health problems among Britain’s young people

Work Programme: Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry

Work Programme: the experience of different user groups
JRF: Council tax benefit – the sting in the tail
Work advisers 'pushing jobless into self-employment' (BBC)

Radio 5 Live Investigates - the self-employment scam
Remploy job figures underline Work Programme’s failure

A DISABLED campaigner has been found dead on the day the Glasgow factory where he worked for 40 years closed down

DPAC Campaign for Benefit Justice and Against The Bedroom Tax ~ Sign the Statement

Pensioners hit by £75m bedroom tax this year

Bedroom Tax fair? Yes if we take £1.4bn per year of benefit from owners!
Bedroom Tax – a real case and how to deal with it? (And a bit of a rant)
The overall benefit cap for Dummies – Wayne & Waynetta explain

Bedroom Tax for Dummies

Clause 99 – further disfiguring benefits for the disabled
Child poverty may be relative, but it’s a killer and a blight

Workfare Can Be Broken – Join the Week of Action and help make it happen

David 1, Goliath 0

Do They Want A Riot? Here Comes the Poll Tax

Two new Work Programme pilot programmes to support drug and alcohol addicted claimants into work

Iain Duncan Smith On Drugs Is Just Another Workfare Racket
Councils 'could cut youth unemployment by 20%' (BBC)
Whitehall should give councils greater role in job schemes

Give us the tools to tackle youth jobs crisis, say councils
Umbrella campaign group forms to oppose Government's welfare cuts

Work programme 'failing homeless people'

Crisis warns Work Programme 'failing homeless people'
Refuge’s fears over change to benefits
Schemes to get addicts into work
New 'poll tax' blow for UK's poorest (Independent)

'Millions of low-income households' face council tax rise (BBC)
Bedroom tax will hit 40% on benefit (ET)

Bedroom tax? Never heard of it says Tory MP who voted for it (C4)

Bedroom Tax part 8 – far bigger cuts to come with the benefit cap!

ConDem’s Council Tax Blitz on Poor : ‘The wrong reform – at the worst possible time’

New Poll Tax for the Working Poor and Unemployed as Council Tax Blow Approaches
Financially viable?
Piece rate piss take...

Letters: Dear Mr Clegg, Are You A Man Of Even A Modicum Of Decency And Humanity?
Channel Four FactCheck Blog ~ Food banks: is Cameron on the money?
Downing Street: ‘high’ benefits mean food banks should not be needed

Downing Street: High Benefits Mean Food Banks Should Not Be Needed

Prime Minister - benefits should be enough

Downing St: poor don't need food banks to help them eat
Tips for completing an ESA50 
Atos scandal: Man found fit to work despite peeling bones

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers ‘March’ Against Benefit Cuts
British Pain Society: How DWP~AtoS Work Capability Assessments are failing chronic pain patients
Westminster welfare cuts will push 15,000 more Scottish children below the poverty line

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report ~ Poverty and Social Exclusion in Scotland 2013
Inclusion Scotland Reports and Documentary Resources
Fury as benefits bullies DWP force 50,000 disabled Scots to go back to work
Parents grieving the loss of their seven-year-old girl told they must pay tax on her room
800 Dungannon benefit claimants lose out on thousands of pounds (TT)

Mental health patients are being ‘detained in all but name’

Statistical manipulation disguises the fact that disabled people are being hit the hardest by cuts to benefits and services

Labour councils are helping young people into work (Guardian)

Liam Byrne on youth unemployment

EU youth unemployment is 'social emergency'
Leicester finance firm Carrington Carr recruits 36 staff as part of £1bn scheme (TIL)

British adults out of work due to health problems is costing the economy £100 billion, 2020 health report reveals
Employability Advisor/Trainer - Work Programme (two posts)
Letter 92: The Work Programme. It's not the claimants who are the "lying thieving bastards"
The Next BIG Idea: Basic Income “What work would you do if your income was taken care of?"
Housing association to create 1,000 apprenticeships for workless tenants
Has the third sector been compromised by State and commerce?

‘Welfare Cash Cards’ Are Much More Than A Tool Of State Control – The Guardian

The Dubious Benefits Of Welfare Payment Cards

Comment: People should look beyond the headlines at what Demos actually says on cash cards

Vultures Circle As Electronic Food Stamps Get Closer
Welfare payment cards are back
Welfare Cards: An Expensive And Unnecessary White Elephant
True scale of Newcastle kids in poverty 'to be hidden' (CL)
Tories’ outright lies on 1% benefit uprating
MPs hear evidence of Work Programme failures from charities

Government’s Work Programme “failing to deliver for disabled people”, says Scope

Scope responds to Panorama expose on Work Programme

Welfare reforms threaten our dignity - Salmond (Scotsman)

Smith, D - DWP Work Programme

The Work Programme Model is Broken and Rewards Corporate Idleness  

Disability and Unemployment-A4E

Can you help Furness jobseekers get into work? (NWEM)

Employment minister backs Evening Mail’s campaign (NWEM)

Panorama highlights the work programme failures

Watch: “Lying, thieving, b******s”… Whistleblower reveals sick views of Work Programme contractors

Delboy the Tory

Return of Delboy the Tory
Review: Panorama – The Great Disability Scam?
‘A third’ of incapacity benefit claimants fit for work – after appeals

Letters: “Playing Games With Peoples Lives”

Social Care Is Bearing The Brunt Of Council Cuts – The Guardian

Why does Cameron hate the working time directive? Here are some of the key rights workers’ may lose

UK youth unemployment third worst in OECD – what are the lessons to be learnt?

Universal Credit


Universal Credit pathfinder - first claimants - Correction
First Universal Credit claimants to be childless couples

Universal Credit: Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions

Benefit changes - act now!: Universal credit

Are you ready for universal credit?
Welfare Reform - Universal Credit
Universal credit – if you’re already getting benefits and tax credits
Universal Credit
What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit – effect on 'mixed-age' couples
Exceptions open for vulnerable Universal Credit claimants
Cheshire residents urged to prepare for introduction of universal credit (EPP)

Property Tribes / Buy-to-let Tribe v / universal credit
Has Lord Fraud Bungled the Universal Credit Launch?

Universal Credit Capita speech (DWP)
Pilots struggling to implement welfare reforms

Universal Credit Pathfinder details emerge – ‘prove before we move’ principle for IT implementation

Universal Credit: Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions

What is universal credit?

Welfare Reform, Universal Credit & Exempt Accommodation

Exceptions open for vulnerable Universal Credit claimants
RLA and Shelter raise universal credit arrears fears, as Freud claims landlords will not suffer ‘sudden losses’

Moving Universal Credit from Theory to Practice

Universal Credit: Veterans

Universal Jobmatch


Claimants Snub Universal Jobmatch and Foil DWP’s Snooping Plans
Universal Jobmatch (UJ) registered Employer Terms and Conditions could be changed? (FOIR)

Universal Jobmatch, Mandation and Privacy (FOIR)


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