Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Reilly Good News

Tuesday 12 February 2013 

Taxpayers 'facing multi-million-pound compensation bill' as judges rule back-to-work schemes are unlawful in Poundland test case

"Cait Reilly has won her Court of Appeal claim that requiring her to work for free at a Poundland discount store was unlawful,

She and unemployed HGV driver Jamieson Wilson, from Nottingham, both succeeded in their claims, in the legal aid funded case,

The ruling will not affect the schemes’ existence but will mean the way in which they are written and enforced will need to change,

Lawyers say today's ruling could mean those whose benefits were stripped for refusing part in back-to-work schemes could now reclaim them,

But DWP say it is 'adamant there are no grounds for repayment'."

Neutral Citation Number: [2013] EWCA Civ 66

Court of Appeal Rules that the Government’s “Back to Work” Regulations are Unlawful and Must Be Quashed
Back-to-work scheme ruling explained
This Poundland ruling is a welcome blow to the Work Programme

Landmark workfare ruling, “govt acted unlawfully #workfare is quashed”

Graduate wins court fight that 'slave labour' at Poundland was unlawful
Back-to-work scheme breached laws, says Court of Appeal

Poundland ruling: Back-to-work schemes in disarray as no-pay placements judged unlawful
Poundland ruling 'blows big hole' through government work schemes

"Back-to-work scheme breached laws"

Government training scheme unlawful
Poundland ‘breached forced labour laws’
Graduate’s Poundland victory leaves government work schemes in tatters
Court of Appeal will this morning rule whether ConDem employment schemes constitute forced labour
Back to work schemes quashed in huge victory for ordinary people
Cait Reilly and Jamieson Wilson: Court Rules Workfare Unlawful.
Public Interest Lawyers Limited: Court of Appeal Rules that the Government’s “Back to Work” Regulations are Unlawful and Must Be Quashed
Back-to-work ruling 'undermines welfare reform'

Small Victories

Court of Appeal Rules “Back to Work” Regulations Unlawful And Must Be Quashed
Workfare Is Broken! New Court Ruling and Charity Exodus Are Death Knell For Forced Labour!
Unpaid work scheme is illegal, says court - with comment
Did you turn down Workfare and lose benefits? Claim them back now!

Poundland Made Me Feel Like I Was Free Labour, Says Cait Reilly – Video
DWP Response To Todays #Workfare Judgement

Back-to-work scheme regulations unlawful, not schemes themselves, says expert 

What was the real reason for the work experience decision?

In praise of … Cait Reilly
Politics and the Poundland ruling
The Poundland Principle: The Only Thing To Gain From Unskilled Labour Is A Wage

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