Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Read It And Weep 5

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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


Community Action Programme (CAP) - Enable

Enable is the Voluntary and Community Sector Learning and Skills Consortium serving the East Midlands

Mark Hoban's totalitarian tendencies

Amazon 'used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under control' in Germany (Independent)
Claim back your pay - 'Interns'
Atos nurses were told: ‘You’re too nice to work here’
Being sent on workfare? Tell us where using the Name & Shame form
Workfare a quick update

The Work Programme
Media comment: Time to put the Work Programme out of its misery

Three more arrests over alleged fraud at A4e

Changes To The Benefit Appeals Process Could Put People’s Health And Safety At Risk
Bedroom Tax and pensioners – CIH deceiving with misinformation
Bedroom Tax and reclassification of properties – a way to avoid this pernicious tax?

Bedroom Tax – significant new developments and challenges emerge

67,000 pensioners to be hit by bedroom tax
Government report: poverty not caused by being poor (this is not satire)

Ministers accused of downplaying income in measure of child poverty

We need more evidence on child poverty, not a more confusing definition of it
Tory MP tweets joke about Reeva Steenkamp’s death. Then desperately tries to delete it.
Senior Ministers To Oppose More Welfare Cuts
How to live cheaply - some American ideas

Churches Stepping In To Fill Gap Left By Welfare Cuts
Removal Of Legal Aid For Welfare Cases Slammed In The House Of Lords
Welfare Cash Card Bill Withdrawn

Food Stamps Abandoned … For Now

VICTORY…….Welfare Card is Withdrawn
Welfare Cash Card Bill 2012-13

The Shelbrooke Post

Call for action to prevent evictions caused by benefit changes
600 children living in Washington, DC homeless shelter
Jobless man sets fire to himself at French employment office
The People's Review of the Work Capability Assessment
John Downie: The Work Programme is about handouts to business, not jobs for people 
Ready for Work
I’m Off To A4E
Squeezed Britain in 2013

Hitting the spot…..
Who Takes The Harshest Anti-Welfare Line? Those On State Benefits (Guardian)

4m Brits have never had job: Welfare crisis exposed (The Sun)

The Sun Says (The Sun) ...

Last Updated: 10th February 2013

Wage war on shirkers

"We used to be famous for the Great British worker. Now it’s the Great British shirker.

Today’s investigation will incense those who work long hours and struggle to make ends meet.

At least 200,000 over-65s admit they dodged doing any paid work right up to retirement.

More alarmingly, a third of the four million are aged 18 to 24.

Studies show that those who don’t work by their mid-20s are unlikely ever to get a job.

David Cameron said that too many kids want to be footballers or singing stars. But why should those who can be bothered to get up in the morning be forced to pay for pop idles?

We need doctors, nurses, teachers, car mechanics and road gritters. Most of all we need to rediscover the work ethic.

That’s why Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith must press on with his reform of our cushy benefits system.

It may be too late for a lost generation of couch potatoes happy to live on state handouts and channel surf reality shows.

But our kids are the future — and they need hope. The government can help with apprenticeships, paid internships and higher school standards.

And by ensuring work always pays."

How many people have never worked in their lives?
Minister for Employment visits the Ready for Work programme
Fake self-employment in the Work Programme

Work Programme
Work Programme Employment Advisor - Swadlincote


Universal Credit


Universal Credit: Local Support Services Framework - DWP
Universal Credit – information for local authorities - DWP

900,000 single-parent families to lose out under new benefits system
Universal Credit (Wales)
Department for Work and Pensions publish Universal Credit guidance
Free: Universal Credit Briefing - afternoon session
Contracts by the back door? 

Joint Universal Credit payments for couples
Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap: Lewisham Case Study 
What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit: Local Support Services Framework
Universal Credit Regulations Briefing 8th February 2013

Delegated Legislation Committee - Draft Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2013
Universal Credit: how do you define need?
Universal Credit on time and on budget?
Universal Credit: DWP confirms 'personalised' help and split payments for 'vulnerable'
'Vulnerable' claimants to get help
Support offered to vulnerable Universal Credit recipients
Families offered help to budget for universal credit
Councils to help people claim Universal Credit online


Universal Jobmatch


Fears raised over Jobcentre's new online service which could see jobseekers' benefits cut if they cannot access a computer (DR)


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