Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Moral? Priceless

Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill (Hansard)


The Welfare Bill: A government of millionaires just made the poor poorer - and laughed as they did it (Independent) 

MPs’ pay demand signals end of ‘Austerity Britain’

MPs call for, in private at least, a 32% pay rise

All in it together?

Who are Britain's real scroungers? (Hint: they want a 32% pay rise (Herald)

 Deconstructing Iain: Coalition benefit lies fall apart at debate

In work benefits – who really benefits from them?

Stuff the workers: Osborne mugs 1.7m breadwinners with Tory welfare reforms (Mirror)

Capping welfare benefits is the moral thing to do (DT)
Pensioners could face universal benefit cuts after election, says Iain Duncan Smith (DM)

Clegg criticises Cameron's 'irrational' pledge to protect pensioner benefits while imposing cuts on everyone else (DM)

MPs vote for 1% benefits cap (ITV)

Benefits cuts for ‘shirkers’ passed after angry debate (Scotsman)

MPs vote on 1% benefits cap: Politics live blog (Guardian)

Duncan Smith defends benefits squeeze (Guardian)

There is a problem with welfare, but it's not 'shirkers' (Guardian)

Poorest households will be hit hardest by benefit changes, Whitehall admits (Guardian)

The Welfare State, 1942-2013, obituary (Guardian)

The Tories’ Big Lie on Tax Credit Cuts

Tell a lie often enough….

The BBC: helping the Tories force-feed falsehoods to the masses

8 January 2013

Demonisation of people on benefits is a 'stain on our society' (PCS)

"The comparison between benefits and wages is unfair and misleading. The main unemployment benefit has dramatically fallen in value from just under 21% of average wages in 1979 to 11% now. At 21%, jobseekers allowance would be £135 a week today, instead of just £71."


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