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Read It And Weep 2


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Forced Labour (WP/WF/WCA), Welfare, Entitlements and General


Doctors in Blackburn hand out food vouchers to hard-up patients (LT)
Thinktank Recommends Issuing Benefit Cash On ‘Prepay’ Cards
Thinktank recommends issuing benefit cash on 'prepay' cards (Guardian)
Claimants to Pay Council Tax: Will this be the Coalition’s Poll Tax Moment?
Implementation of benefit cap starts in 4 London boroughs from April
DWP can run, but they CAN'T hide
There’s No Pay At The Y-M-C-A!*
Bedroom Tax – overcrowding more illegalities and perversities

The Bedroom Tax just doesnt measure up…and how to get around it!
Affordable Housebuilding Collapses – and it’s going to get worse

PCS trade union sets police on disabled activist for campaigning against the government
Government ministers announce plan to deter immigrants to UK by making it as crap as possible

Government ministers announce plan to deter immigrants to UK by making it shit  

Immigration: Romanian or Bulgarian? You won't like it here (Guardian)
See sample of new negative ads about UK for Romania and Bulgaria

LTB label for disabled and jobless people 'offensive'(BBC)

LTB (Lying Thieving Bastards) 'Label' Given To Disabled Claimants, BBC's Panorama Reveals (HP)

LTB = 'Lying thieving b******s': BBC documentary lifts the lid on offensive code used to describe disabled and jobless (Independent)

The Great Disability Scam, as told by Kate (BBC)

Watch: “Lying, thieving, b******s”… Whistleblower reveals sick views of Work Programme contractors

Panorama’s ‘great disability scam’ – companies get fat while the disabled are punished

BBC Panorama tonight: LTB’s (‘Lying Thieving Bastards’) is the new acronym for disabled jobless at DWP Work Programme provider Triage Ltd

Lying, thieving bastards, How the Unemployment Business Sees Us

Is the Work Programme solving disability unemployment? BBC reports on ‘parking’ accusations and more

Back-to-work firm attacks offensive behaviour claim (HS)

Soldier left suicidal after DWP accused him of faking injuries, tribunal told (Guardian)

ESA SOS: the world's silliest interview
Programme to help Redbridge people into work labelled a ‘miserable failure’

Work Programme Coordinator
Lord Freud: 3 million families will be better off under Universal Credit
Improving Employment Outcomes with Lord Freud and Mark Hoban MP (Video)

Disability benefits: Lord Freud to ‘clarify’ assessment regulations

The Work Programme: experience of different user groups

The Work Programme: experience of different user groups (DWP)

LTB label for disabled and jobless people 'offensive' (BBC)

Panorama’s ‘great disability scam’ – companies get fat while the disabled are punished

BBC Panorama tonight: LTB’s (‘Lying Thieving Bastards’) is the new acronym for disabled jobless at DWP Work Programme provider Triage Ltd

Dundee injured war veteran fighting for Disability Allowance

GPs and DWP-AtoS: ‘Picking up the pieces’ by Dr. Margaret McCartney FRCGP (Glasgow)

The AtoS Death Toll ~ Occupy London

Disabled Soldiers denied benefits: We’re the first ones to starve the first ones to die The first ones in line for that pie-in-the-sky

DWP tells ex-soldier with one kidney on thrice-weekly dialysis to go back to work or lose benefits

Disabled by grenade – soldier fighting for benefits says he is being accused by DWP of faking his injuries

Disability cuts: the big picture is terrifying

Disabled People and the Holocaust

Nazi persecution of people with disabilities and what this means for us today

Transcript: Bedroom Tax Debate Westminster Hall Wednesday 23rd January 2013

‘Disgusting’: Family’s outrage at bedroom tax on severely disabled girl who needs her own room

The Bedroom Tax: The Unkindest Cut of All?

The truth about social housing

3,300 Dundee households to be hit by ‘bedroom tax’
‘No eviction for bedroom tax’ campaign endorsed by Shelter Scotland and Scottish TUC

A quarter of tenants subject to “bedroom tax” now being forced to leave their homes reports N.W. England’s biggest social landlord

Shelter identifies England’s top eviction ‘hospots’ – top 15 in London
Welfare News Round-Up – 26th January 2013

‘April will be a very cruel month if you are on welfare benefits’ by Harpy Marx

Spare bedroom tax – your stories

The spare bedroom tax: a mess of contradiction and impossibility

Britain is experiencing 'worse slump than during Great Depression' (Telegraph)

Austerity may be hitting many, but it’s the homeless suffering most acutely

'Stealing to eat' cases increase as austerity bites (Guardian) 

Welfare News Round-Up – 25th January 2013

The 'bedroom tax' could light the touchpaper of protest (Guardian)

My time on the Work Programme
Osborne: Blames the snow and eurozone when growth is down, takes the credit when it’s up

Osborne blames too much ‘snow’ for his putting the UK at risk of a triple-dip recession

Have the Tories stuck their heads in the sand – or somewhere else the sun doesn’t shine?

Why are you complaining? The economy is running exactly according to plan!

This depression is the longest in modern history, so why is the economy still creating jobs? 

DLA to PIP: What’s in a clause? Sometimes quite a lot—as disabled claimants will find out when they are tested for new PIP benefits

Call for ATOS failure stories from 38 Degrees (Shouldn’t be hard to find)

Jobcentre Staff To Be Forced to Sanction Themselves!

DWP seeks ideas on how to punish 5 million people in work

Extending labour market interventions to in-work claimants – call for ideas (DWP)

Working together to help job-seekers in Grimsby
Work Programme Co-ordinator
Govt must tackle over 50s unemployment as SPA rises

GDP down 0.3% – economy flatlines through 2012
Osborne or the IMF – who do you believe?

'David Cameron's minions at No 10 might be advised to look at early retirement for one of his favourite but most over used statistics.

Half of retailers plan to cut staff numbers by April 2013 (C4)

A "hidden tax" on the middle classes: who's paying for our social care system? (FC)

Cameron busted on debt claims (C4)

Welfare News Round-Up – 24th January 2013

Disabled by grenade - now soldier fights for his benefits (Guardian)

Compare and Divide

Bedroom Tax part 5 – why social landlords need a rocket up their a**es!
Bedroom Tax – part 4 – more perversity and why it will ADD BILLIONS to the welfare bill
Philip Hensher’s Crass Hypocrisy and Benefit Lies Exposed

Work and Pensions Committee announces forthcoming evidence session on the Work Programme: experience of different user groups (CSC)

Charities involved in unpaid work schemes 'named and shamed' on website

Work Programme participants classified as "employed" (FOIR)

Reeves: Tories “may be attempting to deliberately mislead the public” over stats and government’s record

UK unemployment falls to 2.49 million

UK unemployment falls as private sector jobs hit all-time high (Guardian)

Unemployment: the key UK data and benefit claimants for every constituency (Guardian)

Unemployment: The Key UK Data And Benefit Claimants For Every Constituency

ILO report: unemployment to get worse in 2013

Lost Generation

The Shadow State: The "dehumanising, degrading" treatment of disabled people (NS)
DWP memos: Work Programme sanctions collaborators and no more ‘signing-on’?
Disagree with me, sure. But don't wish me dead (Independent)

Philip Henscher whinges on (and bloody on) after being taken to task for writing harmful garbage

Freedom of Information request 2012-5058 (FOIR)

St.Helens DWP Work Programme Spend per year (FOIR)

Analysis: Govt's response to Frost sickness absence review "disappointing"

Work Programme

Universal Credit


Universal Credit - welfare reforms
Green, K - Universal Credit
Goodman, H - Universal Credit
Reynolds, J - Universal Credit
DWP answers key questions on Universal Credit

Universal Credit: Preparation & Implementation (Manchester)

Universal Credit

Paying the housing element of Universal Credit direct to tenants in social rented housing (DWP)
Opinion: landlords should get systems in place before Universal Credit
What is Universal Credit? How will it affect you?
Statistics on people and households claiming Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and other benefits: Plans for 2013-2017 - Consultation (DWP)
Universal Credit – the ace up Duncan Smith’s sleeve?

Universal Credit budgeting advice
Rent arrears could rocket over 50% under new welfare plans

The inanimate object now preying on you…

Supporting tenants ahead of Universal Credit

Universal credit suggestions sought
£2.2bn Universal Credit project: boss passes away after just a few months in post
Universal Credit. The Basics explained.

What is Universal Credit?

The only good thing about universal Credit

Universal Credit Update

Universal Jobmatch


How many have revoked consent re Universal Jobmatch? (FOIR)
Universal Jobmatch ‘implementation updates’ (FOIR)
Probe after firm vanishes with job-hunters’ money (BN)
Universal Jobmatch – What should it do?
Universal Jobmatch Service Gets Off to a Flying Start
Universal Jobmatch Worse than We Thought

PCS Concerns re Universal Jobmatch

Complaints Procedure re "mandatory" Universal Jobmatch (FOIR)


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