Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Not So Small Print

Explanatory Memorandum for the Social Security Advisory Committee, Universal Credit Regulations 2012, For the meeting of the Social Security Advisory Committee on Wednesday 13 June 2012

"Limit on Payment of Housing Costs - Owner Occupiers

91. There is to be a time-limit of two years on payment of housing costs to claimants in the full conditionality group of Universal Credit. When such a claimant has received help with housing costs for a period of two years these payments will stop and will not be reinstated until a claimant has had a break in claim and has served a further waiting period. This is underpinned by the principle of providing short-term help through the benefits system and because it is not considered appropriate that this help is provided indefinitely. This is intended to focus the help that is given through the benefits system on those on low income when they need it most."

Housing Costs

"If you are someone who has an “all work-related requirement”, you will only get the housing element for two years."


"Limited to 2 years for those in the all work requirement group."

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