Thursday, 17 January 2013

Universal Certainty

07-01-2013 17:32 PM 

Universal Credit - anyway of getting Rent Paid direct to LL?

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"Universal Credit - anyway of getting Rent Paid direct to LL?
hi, We have two houses that we let out to tenants on housing benefit, income support etc. With the new universal credit coming in, I have read the rent will be paid direct to the tenants. I have had lots of problems with tenanats in the past where rent was paid directly to them. They just use up the money on everything, apart from the rent! Is there anyway I can have rent paid to me directly?
Thanks Aero"
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"Under normal circumstances --- No. suggest if you always have problems, that you remove the problems. Let to working people, then most of the problems go away. Simples."

January 22, 2013

Rents Set To Soar as Wages and Benefits are Slashed

"Over one third of landlords are planning rent rises already this year, with around a quarter set to inflict an inflation busting 3% hike on struggling tenants a new survey has revealed.

The stark warning was issued by letting agents Spareroom, who also recently revealed that rents for rooms in shared houses had rocketed by a staggering 7% in the last year."


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